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What is 3D Data Pro?

3D Data Pro is a laser scanning SERVICE PROVIDER and EXPERT CONSULTANT based in Denver, Colorado. We are experts at documenting as-built conditions of buildings, bridges, and landscapes.   Our deliverables are highly accurate and will easily match your existing workflow, including BIM 3D models, 2D Construction Documents (plans, sections, and elevations), web-based 3D panoramic photos, and fly-through animations.  Examples of our work can be found in our Past Projects page.

What is 3D Laser Scanning?

It is simply 3D measurement.  It provides a lower cost alternative to traditional measurement (total station, measuring tape, plumb line, walking wheel)  that mitigates risk, adds confidence, and increases efficiency, safety, and profitability.  This technology is valuable for measuring buildings, bridges, landscapes, utility substations, tunnels, and more.

How does the process work?

3D Data Pro will laser scan topographies, buildings, and structures.  We will then process this data into a photo-real point cloud model.  From here, the options are endless!  The most common next steps are production of Revit or Autodesk Civil 3d models.  Using this technology, your firm will save valuable time and cut down project costs dramatically.  Learn more from our Tech page.

Our Experience

Our director, Steven Foltz, holds a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Colorado.  Mr. Foltz’s experience in automotive and structural forensic engineering, animation, architecture, and construction sets 3D Data Pro apart from the competition.  The 3D Data Pro team includes an Autodesk trained Revit technician and a licensed surveyor.


Expert Consulting

From beginning scanning to 3D Modeling from a geo-referenced point cloud.

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Want to Learn More About 3D Laser Scanning?

See these videos to understand the laser scanning workflow.  Get a feel for the workflow in real-time!  Using video, 3D Data Pro can take your project to the next level:

  • Fly-through animations of 3d Point Clouds are an invaluable tool for our clients, allowing them to effectively depict and visualize collected data.
  • The possibilities are endless with these full color, photo-realistic 3D models for accurate measurement and enhanced visualization.